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Yes, today was Trail Thursday!  This is a new thing in my life, and I love it!  As it stands, this is the third or fourth TT that I’ve had, and it appears as though Catherine and I have a standing date now established.  This is fantastic, because she and I both have languished on many a lonely trail ride.  Fortunately, we’ve found great trail partners in each other, and Elvis does so well with her current mount: a lovely golden pony.

Typically, we are pressed for time and can only make an hour-long trail.  Today however, we rode for two hours – such fun!  We crashed bush through the woods, popped out onto roads, rode alongside county thoroughfares, met area horses, talked to area people, saw two snakes (one alive, one dead), explored under a bridge, saved another turtle from an untimely end (Elvis was held off of another horse during this time, and was a gentleman!), and wandered through lovely wildflowers.  Really, it was a great day.  Elvis is truly a Trail Pony Deluxe, and it’s so easy to ride him anywhere.  He and I just had a blast, and it’s so great to have found such a great person to ride with.

That’s all I have for today.  Tomorrow Elvis will be long lined again.. maybe I’ll take some video.  This however is dependent upon whether I can locate the video camera in our new home!

Oh!  I’ve also decided to sell my Barnsby Whitaker.  That is somewhat of a big thing for me… so begins the saddle shopping process (again).


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